Creativity & Visualization Workshops

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Creativity & Visualization Workshops

In our experience of working with budding and established entrepreneurs, we noticed that most entrepreneurs believe in the notion that they have to strive hard and overwork to achieve what they want. They admitted that while they experienced a lot of pleasure and faith for the first few years, they were building their business, there was also this ever-present undercurrent of fear. They also didn’t know how to let people help them, and as a result, felt unsupported and alone in their journey.

Dream Launch Grow, Entrepreneurship Academy’s Creativity and Visualization workshops are all about using your imagination to create what you want in your life. Surprisingly, there is nothing unfamiliar, strange, or unusual about creative visualization; most people are already using it every day, every minute. We help business owners use their natural power of imagination, coupled with their basic creative energy, which they use constantly and let it manifest into their ideas and actions.