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Nancy Beth Guptill

The Founder of Dream Launch Grow, Entrepreneurship Academy has an experience of 33 years of riding the entrepreneurial wave. With a background in business marketing, business development and economics, she has launched over 15 businesses and organizations as either a sole founder or co-founder. Additionally, she has worked with many of PEI’s and Canada’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Small Business Community stakeholders as either an EDO and Business Development practitioner with an NGO or Government as well as a consultant. Dream Launch Grow, Entrepreneurship Academy is a natural progression of the accumulation of her work and experience over the years.

Dream Launch Grow, Entrepreneurship Academy is a startup riding on 35 years of experience in business ideation, startup, growth, and counseling services. The team comprises founders and entrepreneurs who design, run, and equip other founders and entrepreneurs. We are networked with national and global communities of other founders, investors and government agencies that can help local clients expand and grow beyond their provincial borders and have access to top talent, programs, investment opportunities and business opportunities that they may not be able to acquire elsewhere. Further, we know what it is truly like to take risks, put in the efforts, and reap the rewards. To experience the highs and the lows of starting and running a successful business and the genuine need of being able to innovate and adapt to be successful - all while trying to balance family and having a personal life.

Dream Launch Grow, Entrepreneurship Academy is one of its kind. As a non-NGO, our programs and services are run and delivered by employees or partners who have been founders or entrepreneurs themselves. One of our core differences is our programming is for entrepreneurs and founders, and we focus on ‘founders helping founders’. We use innovative design thinking tools, and our programs help expand a person’s vision for themselves, their business, and their new ideas. Being a non-NGO, we are immune to the change in our financing models influenced by a change in government and their priority of focus. This also helps us focus on delivering consistency in our programs and services and have more freedom and flexibility to customize and innovate.

The globally recognized innovative programs that Dream Launch Grow, Entrepreneurship Academy offers for entrepreneurs and business builders make us rather unique. We have certified facilitators and trainers in ideation, entrepreneurship, personal development, and leadership programming from WKI and John Maxwell. We are also licensed for a Global movement and community for all Atlantic Canada called “FuckUp Nights.” We also have the license for Startup PEI, which is part of the national community of Startup Canada. We bring national and global opportunities to our clients with these global networks, connections, and communities.