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Dream Launch Grow, Entrepreneurship Academy is where founders, creators and innovators come to design their ideas into businesses. We create safe spaces in our Ideation Rooms for entrepreneurs to visualize, ideate, create, and innovate, in order to help them expand their vision while finding the business value and market opportunity in their new ideas.

Design thinking for business builders. We provide budding entrepreneurs and start-up businesses with the tools, knowledge and skills they require to make their new business a success. Our Entrepreneurial Ideation programs are for business builders and innovators to ideate and design the best value proposition for an idea or business. Our design thinking frameworks help guide innovators to explore and find the best path forward to turn more of their ideas into business successes.

Founder Focus: All of our programs are developed by founders for founders. As founders and innovators ourselves, we understand entrepreneurs and business owners because we understand the entrepreneurial journey.

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Our Vision:

We understand that starting a business is no walk in the park. It demands resilience and loads of determination. However, besides having these traits, there is a lot to learn about validating new ideas, designing them into a business or product, determining the business value and most viable market opportunities, pitching the concept to funders, establishing proper financing, and finding the best path to market. Without this knowledge, doing it by yourself is non-sustainable!

Our core values:

Our values outline our approach and serve as an inner compass, reminding us why we do what we do and how we can continue evolving together.


Our goal is to inspire and motivate entrepreneurial thinking. We believe all ideas are good ideas, they just need to be refined through a validation process. We create a safe space for you to think big and explore the possibilities, while providing practical and real advice that inspires, motivates, excites and builds confidence to keep moving your business and ideas forward.


We show respect, communicate with courage, and express gratitude in our words and deeds. We believe we’re obligated to share our honest feedback with our clients when we think the idea is or isn’t in their best interests.


Our team combines knowledge and expertise with enthusiasm, passion, and creativity. This fusion helps us create and effectively chart the path for future business owners.


We strive to do what’s best for entrepreneurs, founders, and organizations. We see ourselves as their extended ideation and commercialization team, and are incredibly motivated to assist them in succeeding.


We are dedicated to seeing you reach your full potential and will help guide your ideas through our design thinking frameworks so you turn more of your ideas into business success. We love what we do and welcome new challenges with excitement.


We believe everyone can realize their vision and capabilities. We forge determination with the value of ambition as we want entrepreneurs and innovators to follow through on their best ideas and make them happen.

Our Story:

‘Dream Launch Grow, Entrepreneurship Academy’ was never part of the plan. We conceived Dream Launch Grow, Entrepreneurship Academy Incubator a few years ago as an ideation program - an outlet for our passion for personal and business development, thereby providing driven individuals and enterprises with high-quality, holistic training on how to do business smarter. We noticed sheer hunger in passionate, driven individuals seeking a direction to transform their ideas into a successful business. This led to our progression - from an ideation program into a full-fledged private company by the name of ‘Dream Launch Grow, Entrepreneurship Academy.’